Widows association «AVEA»

"80 women, 80 income-generating activities"

Marie, Fatou, Léa, ... these are these women

The project :
To enable 80 widows to better support their families through a dignified and sustainable economic activity. Improving their living conditions is a pressing necessity! These women will no longer be depreciated by the community and proudly assume their children in a more autonomous manner without waiting for outside help. Income derived from small businesses, small farms or services will enable these families to emerge from the extreme poverty they suffer as a result of the husband / father's death.

Household activity is essential for the health, safety and development of children.

We work above all for the autonomy and independence of these women.

We offer the most motivated and serious widows to use a zero-rate loan. This loan allows them to invest in small equipment, supplies or raw materials. We accompany them financially, physically and morally so that each one supports the needs of its family unit often composed of several children whose sole responsibility they have since the death of their husband. The loss of the husband is first of all an emotional suffering for the near family (women and children thus orphaned) but very quickly leads to a state of precariousness and causes daily difficulties for the mother. She must manage all the expenses of the family alone: ​​food, school fees, health costs

FOR REMINDER: The loan at rate 0 is not a micro credit !!! So we do not generate any profit. It is a self-directed saving system, enabling its members to have access in turn to the financing of the launch of their economic activity.

This program started in autumn 2012 with a budget of 1700 €.
The collection, organized by Gwendi, allowed us to launch the project with 40 of them at first.
The project currently involves 80 women and 350 children.
In May 2013, Greg (of Belgium) supported this program and these mothers by the call of 1000 euros extra !!

Implementation: each will undergo a simple management training and will be accompanied several months in order to establish a solid and well constructed project. Once the activity is chosen and the management plan is established, each is allocated the sum of 25,000 CFA (approximately € 38), covering their investment in equipment or supplies.
They will be monitored on a monthly basis by the three ladies of the office and by a professional volunteer accountant to ensure the smooth running of their activities.

Each month is held a general assembly animated by Constantin, the head of the Children of Abord. The opportunity for each to meet and exchange.

The loan lasts 6 months. The reimbursement of 5,000 CFA is scheduled monthly from the second month.

This project is particularly important to us because we know all these widowed moms, whose orphans are enrolled in our school, and sponsored by some of you!

"Projects ... individual, bringing hope ... collective"

Here are some examples of projects that have emerged, and which are developing thanks to you and this collection of 1700 euros:

  • traveling cuisines
  • peanut processing
  • corn processing
  • soap production
  • ...

These activities cover all sectors: the primary sector (agriculture, livestock ...), the secondary sector (product processing, embroidery, weaving ...) and the service sector (service crafts, local jobs, etc.).

This approach has already been tested with two of them, with the help of volunteers. They were trained in the field of trade and accounting, to enable them to set up their own business: one opened a liquid soap trade and the other specialized in the weaving of traditional loincloths.

The Bureau of the Amicale is composed of three literate widows.

The individual files are mounted, and the money distributed, with all the encouragement and good recommendations for the success of their income generating activity.

A first report was made by Toni, an English volunteer of a few weeks in April 2013. (see the report in PDF)

They are all very motivated and thank all donors for their support and confidence in this project. They are aware that their individual success will only be achieved through collective success, and therefore by a strong cohesion of the group.
We will accompany them every day, and wish them a great success!

On the spot, they are also supported by French volunteers who live in Ouagadougou ...
The opportunity to thank Sylvie, who via the "Grand Hotel Laïco" in Ouagadougou, recently recovered and allowed the redistribution of 80 mattresses to improve the comfort of her widowed mothers and their orphaned children whom we enroll.

We would like to thank all these people for their financial support, and moral support for the project "80 women - 80 activities" carried by Constantin of the Children of Abord Foundation in Burkina Faso, and by Gwendi of the association Petits Papillons in France (Which initiated and organized fundraising).

Thanks to Véronique, Elodie, Jean Pierre and Lucette, Catherine and Gérard, Armand, Roxane, Stéphanie, Faustine, Thierry, Regine, Meline and Evelise, Abo and Gwendi, Corinne, Berger, Emilie, Myriam, Syldia "Bastards of Briançon". Thanks also to Maryse and Veronique for the dissemination of the project which brought together many donors around this action.

"For a child to grow, it takes a whole village"