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In Burkina Faso, our offices are in Ouagadougou, the capital is the general email contact.

Our offices and nursery school is located in the Pissy area.
We can be contacted by phone at the office at: 50 43 06 61 and on the mobile phone of Mr Ouedraogo the Director at: 76 60 15 93
(If you are calling from France, add 00 226 in front of each number)

The following address is our mailbox:
"Fondation les Enfants d'Abord"
Burkina Faso

In France, L'Organization les Enfants d'Abord is based near Toulouse, and has volunteers throughout France.

Organisation les enfants d’abord
Chemin de Lanoux
"Le clos Cazeneuve"

Our association, registered officially in France "Association loi 1901" and published in the JO on 22/12/2012, is in close and exclusive collaboration with the Foundation of the Children of Abord in Burkina Faso.
Born of the meeting of hostesses and close friends, it has structured over time to count many volunteers.
For a number of years, the OAS has provided regular and secure referrals, packages for children, school materials, and milk boxes for children.
Our association is always bringing together more generous contributors to carry out projects essential to the development of the structure in Burkina.
On Facebook, by asking to join the group you will read the latest news : "Organisation les Enfants d'Abord - Burkina Faso"

"For a child to grow, it takes a whole village"