Schools Tintilou

Volunteers and the educational team: growing cooperation

Gradually, the activity of Enfants d'Abord focuses on the Tintilou site, around the schools and the nursery.

For several years, class buildings have risen and are gradually replacing the mango trees, which shelter our pupils, the teacher and the blackboard.

These constructions are possible thanks to your regular donations, and allow more and more children to go to school in elementary conditions. THANK YOU !

On the spot, the support, the involvement and the creativity of the volunteers is a real vector of development. Their work in partnership with the teaching teams, contributes greatly and daily to the well-being of children.

At the beginning of 2016, the association had to set up emergency solutions in Tintilou: the closure of the Ouagadougou primary school was imposed in July 2016, following the owner's choice of not renewing the lease. Rental of the plot where our buildings had been established for more than 15 years.

Since then, the maximum is undertaken to welcome our orphans from Ouagadougou to Tintilou and internship. Faced with this unforeseen event, the association quickly reacted and adapted "temporarily" the use of new premises (originally intended for the reception of more and more volunteers), in 4 small rooms of dormitories.
(Dear volunteers, no worries, we can always welcome you in good conditions.)

We have 199 school children, including 80 orphaned children

Every day, 34 children join the schools of Kindergarten, and 165 children are classed in Primary.
During the recess, each schoolboy receives a snack. Of these, 80 are orphans and are mostly from the village and the surrounding area.

Among them, our 30 orphans from Ouagadougou are boarders in our new boarding school in Tintilou.
Their day is punctuated by the school:
Class from 7h30 to 12h and from 14h to 16h; Then volunteer support classes for those who need it.
After the evening meal, they study about one hour until 8 pm.

Vincent and other volunteers, accompanied the transition of these young residents; They set up an organization to ensure their supervision, their watch at night, to provide them with minimum hygiene measures and to accompany the little ones in this new trying daily.
They ensure that their diet is mostly varied.
A fundraising project is underway to create dormitories: learn more under the heading "Our projects".

"For a child to grow, it takes a whole village"