Nursey School Ouagadoudou

Today, the needs and demands are strong, and the school structure of the foundation in Ouagadougou has experienced its maximum capacity.

After 15 years of activity on rented land, it is with regret that in June 2016, the Founder Mr Ouedraogo was forced to close the primary school. The owner of the "yard", where the primary school was located, did not wish to renew the lease of the lease.

Only Maternelle continues to operate in Ouagadougou.

Enfants Maternelle

Developments since the beginning of 2016

After discussion with the "mothers-widows", it was decided that the 45 children who returned to CE1 to CM2 would be educated and boarded on "our" site at the school of Tintilou (the whole team does best, To cope with this upheaval for our little schoolchildren, and to ensure their well-being, away from their family the week).

As for the orphans of CP1 and CP2, they will be enrolled in schools near them, and the higher tuition fees will be borne by their sponsorship.

"For a child to grow, it takes a whole village"