Parraine child

A beautiful action

Over the last decade, hundreds of orphaned children have seen their daily lives improved.

To sponsor is to support a child directly, and to accomplish a very beautiful generous action with multiple consequences.

With 15 € per month, you can cover tuition, snacks, school trips, annual medical examinations and uniforms. This amount also covers part of the food requirement (1 bag of 50 kg of rice and 1 bag of 100 kg of corn each year).

For the younger ones, which we welcome in our nursery, sponsorship mainly finances the purchases of cans of milk and medical expenses.

The whole of your sponsorship is given to the orphans. No fees are retained by the association "Les Enfants d'Abord".
It is a direct and integral aid.

By sponsoring a child, you participate in the concrete and lasting improvement of your living conditions and those of your entire community.

It is also an opportunity to see your child grow up, to follow her evolution and to interact with him.

It is a formidable human adventure for you and your godson.

Sponsorship is a short, medium and / or long term commitment. It is also the joy of knowing that at thousands of kilometers, one works to the measure, the "good life" and the "to grow well" of an orphan child.

Throughout the year, our team of volunteers on site, do their utmost to regularly send you news in pictures of the orphans you support. From France a real chain of solidarity is organized to bring your packages and gifts to your attention at a lower cost.

Creating, weaving and keeping the link is paramount! And who knows ... maybe this adventure will lead you to visit him one day ?!

Join us and fill in the form below for any information request.

You can forward your donation via the Antenne Française every quarter (45 €), every semester (90 €) or each year (180 €), and benefit from a 66% tax deduction.

Contact us pour child

  • If you wish to pay by wire transfer, our RIB will be sent to you by email, so that you can carry out the bank transfer

  • If you pay by check, please make it payable to "Organization les enfants d'abord"
    And send it to :
    Organisation les enfants d’abord
    Chemin de Lanoux
    "Le clos Cazeneuve"
    31290 RENNEVILLE
  • Vous recevrez dans les prochains jours un reçu à présenter à l’administration fiscale.

*Champs obligatoires

"For a child to grow, it takes a whole village"