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SOS boîtes de lait

Association S.O.S. Boxes of Milk was created by the Abbot Pierre. It was declared to the Prefecture of Paris on 14 August 1963.
* With regard to the care of our orphans under the age of 1 year, their proposed 2016 allocation was as follows:
On the basis of boxes of 6 boxes of 900 g of MILK INFANTILE
Quarterly allocation of 18 boxes (9 of Milk First Age - 9 of Milk Second Age) or 97.2 kilograms of milk or the equivalent of the annual requirements of 11 babies.
* Concerning the care of our children with M.A.S, their proposed 2016 allocation was as follows:
Based on cartons of 150 sachets of 92 g PLUMPY SUP Nutritional Supplement
Annual allocation of 2 cartons, equivalent to the needs to treat 6 children.

Their C.A voted for the renewal of their aid, based on information and wishes of Maryse: 300 kg of infant milk - 110 kg of nutritional supplement and in addition this year 150 kg of skimmed milk planned for 2017!

Association Laafi

Association Laafi is a non-governmental and charitable organization serving the developing countries, particularly Burkina Faso


Company specializing in baby diapers, Bambinex supports our efforts by providing us with diapers so necessary for the nursery. In 2016, 18 cartons of washable diapers and layer protectors granted for our association.

"For a child to grow, it takes a whole village"

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